What Is A Digital Enterprise

What Is
A Digital Enterprise

Four Pillars to Unlocking Growth Through Digital Transformation

What does it mean to be an evolved enterprise?

The purpose of digital transformation is not to become more digital. It’s to generate growth and value.

As we cut through the hype we find that most digital transformation efforts aren’t working. People are lost and don’t know where to begin. In fact, according to one survey, 90 percent of digital transformation projects have either fallen below planning expectations, delivered only minor improvements or altogether failed.

We work with companies who successfully rise to meet the challenge of becoming digital enterprises. We think about digital differently. Regardless of what others have said, digital transformation isn’t about implementing digital platforms and cutting-edge technology – it’s about achieving growth by being committed to three focus areas:

  • Developing transformational marketing strategies
  • Creating seamless customer experiences
  • Building smarter, faster, more flexible organizations.
  • Delivering incremental customer value.

The four fundamentals of the digital enterprise

Strategic Marketing
Customer Experience

Strategic Marketing

To compete in today's digital economy, organizations need to rethink their marketing function as a strategic weapon, turning customers into brand ambassadors.

Customer Experience

Organizations need to reinvent the customer experience from the outside in by leveraging new customer networks and innovating quickly and iteratively.

Strategic Marketing

To build brand relevance, organizations need to reinvent their marketing function as a strategic weapon, turning the brand into a living and dynamic asset.


In this paragraph we'll talk about how important having an innovation mindset is to the organization as a strategic differentiator.

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