Tactical vs Strategy: A Sales Op Perspective

Tactical vs Strategy:
A Sales Op Perspective

The discussion as to whether Sales Operations (or Sales Ops for short) should be a tactical or strategic function is gaining traction more and more each day. In fact, it seems to be growing parallel to the increasing (and seemingly necessary) growth of integrating information systems and business processes.

But, before we even dig deep into this great debate, let’s clarify what each of these terms means – tactical vs strategic.
If Sales Ops within a company revolves around administrative tasks; if the focus is more granular and day-to-day, then these are considered tactical functions. However, if Sales Ops think more about the organization’s “big picture”, and allow for sales reps to handle their own administrative tasks, then it should be considered a strategic function.

Here at Axxis Solutions, we argue that the scale should tip towards sales ops being a strategy endeavor.

The next step is to simply ask, why?

What makes strategy more important than the tactics that we implement day-in and day-out? Isn’t it common sense to base Sales Ops around tactical sales tasks? If these tasks are done more efficiently, wouldn’t Sales Ops benefit overall?

Well, sure! But now, consider this. If day-to-day tasks and campaigns do not align with a common goal, can we ever consider these tactics efficient? The line continues to blur as to whether handling these tasks to give more time to salespeople is the best plan. What needs to be clear is the big picture. That is where strategy comes in to play.

Sales Ops should be a strategic function because it provides the foundation needed to align actions at the tactical level to the overarching growth goals of the business. The argument that sales reps require more time to sell is outdated. We would never state that it is not necessary to show face with clients, but the need for it is less so today. Customers have access to more information than ever and their own responsibilities at work are increasing. Simply put, clients are the ones that do not have the time. Handing more time to sales reps will not translate to greater revenue in the long run.

Furthermore, in order to remain competitive, companies continue to adopt information systems to help facilitate the grunt-work. Tactical functions can be managed efficiently through systems. However, should we overlook our company goals and requirements and buy the latest and greatest software? To us, that sounds like future budget issues and minimal results!

Reach out to us to learn more about thinking big picture. We can help your business align “system with process” that will foster long-term growth… If that’s the goal, of course… Which it should be.

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