Staff Augmentation



Staff Augmentation is when a company hires an individual who has been properly vetted and qualified for the particular role for which the company is searching. Axxis Solutions has over 1300 technology professionals who are adept at a multitude of platforms within various industries. If you are in search of a particular candidate, please let us know in the form below and we will send you our recommendations.
Salesforce is the world's leading CRM Platform. A Salesforce administrator is a certified professional who can maintain and update your company's Salesforce platform. Click the Salesforce image for more information.
If business executives have an interest in upgrading their firm's technological infrastructure, they should consider Amazon Web Services. Axxis Solutions has candidates who have experience with integrating current systems with AWS and migrating databases to AWS. If you are interested in learning about how a certified AWS technician can benefit your company, click the AWS image.
microsoft azure
Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud-based services that allow businesses to develop and deploy applications to solve their business needs. Axxis' Azure team has the knowledge to assess your business's needs and develop a customized solution within the Azure framework. For more information, click the Azure image.
HubSpot is a CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Service Hub platform that segments a business's leads into various sales funnels and enables them to maintain personal relationships with their clients. If you are interested in hiring Axxis' HubSpot candidates for your time, click the HubSpot image.