Safari LTD Integrates Salesforce Portal to Develop Efficient Processes

Safari LTD Integrates Salesforce
Portal to Develop Efficient Processes

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Company Background

Safari LTD is a toy manufacturing company whose philosophy is “Toys That Teach.” In 1982, Safari’s founders discovered an endangered animals card game. The game inspired them, and now Safari LTD offers more than 1,000 hand-painted toys that educate children. Since 2017, Safari has donated $100,000 to conservation organizations.

What challenges did Safari face?

Safari was selling wholesale toys to retailers and other business entities. Their approval process was done on paper and could take weeks to be completed. Each department within the approval process had to stamp the paper and send it to the next department. This caused a backlog of orders, and some orders went missing. Safari needed to leave their paper trail and go digital.

Safari’s customer service representatives were handling tickets through email and phone. This created difficulties for responding promptly and tracking the volume of customer service complaints. Safari was not able to divide the workload among their representatives, route specific complaints to the representatives who were most knowledgeable in the topic, and track KPIs to determine which rep was most helpful, which customers had the most complaints, and which stage in the delivery process was causing issues. Safari LTD had multiple Salesforce licenses and wanted to get more utility from them.

What solutions did Axxis implement?

Axxis configured Safari’s Salesforce to drastically improve the efficiency of their order fulfillment process. Instead of using paper, Safari’s reps fulfilled orders through their Salesforce portal. The sales team could verify inventory in real-time, eliminating the need of contacting the warehouse department. After the manager verified the order, the warehouse would automatically receive an alert to send it to the client. The system would send an electronic invoice to the client, who would be able to pay online. As a result, Safari LTD eliminated multiple steps in its order fulfillment process. These faster orders increased revenue, and the decrease of lost orders increased customer loyalty.

Axxis created a customer service console that tracked customer IDs and distributed tickets to individual reps. This allowed managers to accurately determine which reps were contributing most to the organization. A leadership board encouraged healthy competition between the reps, improving productivity and employee morale.

With updated KPI dashboards, managers could identify and consolidate complaints to discern if there was a problem with a specific supplier, shipper, or manufacturer. They could also deduce which customers had the most tickets and personally communicate with them to reduce future issues. If there was a backlog of tickets, the managers could manually assign them to available reps.

Axxis also created a quoting tool which allowed businesses and consumers to determine how much their orders would cost. This saved time for the customer service reps and improved website visitor-to- customer conversions.

Safari had only been supplying toys to business entities, but Axxis suggested that they also sell directly to consumers. This has increased brand awareness for Safari, created a new revenue source, and decreased the cost of customer acquisition.

What is next for Safari and Axxis?

Safari now hires Axxis for Managed Services, our latest offering that benefits businesses by having an in- house Salesforce admin for a fraction of the cost. This Salesforce admin makes continuous improvements to their customer service console based on suggestions from Safari management. Recently, our admin has integrated Safari’s finance department into the Salesforce ecosystem so that they can process customer service tickets without using an outside network. This integration has allowed for smoother communication between the customer service and finance departments.

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