Polestar Education Moves from the Studio to the Digital Classroom

Polestar Education Moves from the
Studio to the Digital Classroom

Axxis Solutions Helps Move Polestar Education From Studio To Digital

Polestar Education gives health and wellness professionals the opportunity to acquire new skills. With the growing variety of continuing education, online, and virtual offerings now available, it’s important that the organization makes strong connections with potential students on a global scale; and designs the types of programs that fit best.

Axxis is helping Polestar Education make sure their programs stay on the fast track.

The company started using Desire To Learn’s (D2L) Brightspace software alongside Salesforce.com, when they needed a flexible solution to track cohort and student information to help improve the way that students enrolled for courses. D2L keeps a record of all faculty, curriculum, and course content, and how relevant it is for different audiences. The ability to analyze data helps the school continuously improve and more effectively managed cohort and degree programs.

The school is not only using these platforms to operate more efficiently, it’s helping them create more personalized marketing campaigns. “We’re using marketing automation for our outbound sales, program delivery, and marketing work,” said Brent Anderson, CEO. “Sales efforts are really focused, and everyone is more self-sufficient.”

With a sales team that is often on the road, the ability to access and use the platform from mobile devices is critical to Polestar Education.

“Our team really benefits from using the the best in-class applications that Axxis Solutions implemented for us. “Staff, Educators and Students can get real-time information from anywhere.”

Polestar Rethinks How Its Education Is Delivered

When Polestar decided to rethink how pilates education is delivered, they select AXXIS to create a roadmap to allow it to continue shaping the future of its global education programs.

Fact #1: Today’s education can be delivered to any corner of the world.

Polestar's students learn in different ways, some old-school who prefer studios and notebooks, others tech-savvy who want experiences at home, on the go, and in the studio.

Fact #2: Educational assessments leave no room for error.

Anything less than perfection can be the difference between passing and failing, between a student getting the accreditation they long for.

That combination was the biggest challenge.

To do so, Axxis first needed to take a closer look at the fundamentals of Polestar Education's business operations. A successful outcome, though, required a renewed focus on organizational foundation and processes.

Polestar Pilates Is Getting Into The Technology Game

The educational landscape is changing, ranging from the simple—shifting from paper to computer-based assessments—to the cutting edge, such as personalizing instruction and automating once-manual tasks, like registrations, payments, content distribution and scoring tests.

“Every business, of every size, in every industry needs to think about customers and innovation as a pair,” said Andres Campo, CEO of Axxis Solutions. “You’ve got to have the [right] technology.”

New and innovative technologies can help educators pivot their lesson plans to provide a more personalized and effective learning experience.

“It allows a teacher to come in the next day and make adjustments to instruction and immediately change the path in terms of how that individual student learns … so that students have the same curriculum, but different, experiences.”

Technology-enabled Adaptations Reinforce The Need For Perfection.

“It requires new research, new ways of looking at these platforms, and really top-notch technical teams who can implement best in class systems. The tolerance for error or unreliability needs to be zero. Specially when dealing with global customers where complexities like language, culture, regulation and access to the internet elevate the risk in overall project success.

A Passing Grade

Our client now has the knowledge and action plan required to successfully expand its business to new markets and additional education offerings.

“We’ve built and crafted technology solutions which allow for flawless performance,” said Campo. “And we’re hopeful that the guidance that we’ve provided … is going to help scale the company to new heights."

That growth will get the company closer to fulfilling its ultimate goal: providing digital solutions to shape the future of health and wellness education worldwide.

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