What to Expect When Working with Axxis Solutions

What to Expect When
Working with Axxis Solutions

What to Expect When Working with Axxis Solutions

Axxis has evolved the way we run our projects over the years, but we still believe in delivering exceptional work on time and on budget. We are not industry or technology specific. We fuse our years of experience with our talented individuals and partner with forward-thinking innovators who bring their subject matter expertise to the table.

Committed Project Owner

We ask our clients to provide a Project Owner who will represent the client’s business interests, goals, and vision. The Project Owner works closely with our Delivery Team. We collaborate with them constantly throughout the duration of the project to ensure that we are moving towards the finish line. We teach them how to run an effective Agile project and run lean project management tactics. The more time and insight they can give us, the better.

Dedicated Cross-Functional Teams

We staff most projects with full-time professionals to maximize focus and efficiency. Generally, this is a cross-functional Project Team. A Project Team typically consists of a UX Design Lead, a Salesforce Solution Consultant, one to three Software Engineers, and a Strategy Consultant. This is one reason that we can begin to ship results in weeks and not months. When beneficial, we will also leverage the diversity of our team by bringing specialists onto the project as needed to work through specific capabilities.

Regular Communication & Complete Transparency

All digital innovation projects require frequent collaboration. The Project Team performs a status meeting every week to report progress on their work. This routine maintains alignment and allows us to catch potential issues before they become costly setbacks. We use Slack for daily communication and create private channels for each of our projects. We ask our clients to be available on Slack during business hours.

Predictable Delivery Schedule

In addition to the weekly status meetings, we hold an internal daily review and planning meeting in which we present the week’s progress to you and prioritize what needs to get done each week. There are no shifting deadlines; we demo what we have on a weekly basis and collectively determine what is ready to deliver.

Flexible Scope

Any experienced consultant or project manager knows how to rapidly things can change in a project. No one wants to interrupt the innovation process to negotiate scope changes and sign more agreements. This is why we focus on outcomes. We do not restrict things like revision limits or deliverables in our proposals. The flexible scope allows us to organically take advantages of our discoveries along the way and iterate until it’s right.

One Team

One of our core values at Axxis is One Team. There is no “us” vs. “them.” We partner with our clients. Our partners teach us about their industry and customers and we teach them about good design and best practices. We work together to build creative solutions that solve real business problems. We make their goals our own and collaborate to achieve these shared goals. Axxis’ success can only be measured by the success of our partners.


Our approach often require a lot from our clients but we have found it results in successful engagements that everyone benefits from. A successful partnership requires time and dedication from everyone. We push our team members as well as our clients so everyone can achieve success.


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