Is Your Company Ready to Invest in CRM?

Is Your Company Ready
to Invest in CRM?

No matter the industry, businesses from all sizes have the same challenges: accomplish more, increase revenue, and work faster— with less investment, fewer employees, and minimal time. Isn’t CRM (Customer Relationship Management) a product for large enterprises?

While big companies most definitely benefit from the automations of modern CRM platforms, it’s arguably more important for the mid-sized and smaller companies to have this tool at their disposal. Growing businesses often decide to save money by handling activities through the time-consuming manual way – not realizing time is the most important asset they have. A good CRM platform, like Salesforce, is a business enabler. It streamlines processes and automates activities to effectively multiply the power of your workforce. Forget admin tasks, leads not being properly followed or wasted time looking for reliable data.

When is it a good time to make the investment?

There’s a common belief among business people that using an “expensive” tool to keep track of your customers isn’t necessary until you made it big. But that mindset devalues the importance of your clients and will likely hinder your growth. The purpose of CRM is to help your team do a better job at providing outstanding customer experience. No matter how many clients you have, they deserve the best that you can give them, because they will reward you with their continued business. If a new platform will make the customer journey with your company better, then it is time to make the investment.

Everybody on your company should be able to stay connected with what’s happening across your business. However, that doesn’t mean spending hours going through files looking for documents, or trying to figure out the latest version of a specific spreadsheet. Spending time looking for information is not the best use of anyone’s time in a company. With the correct CRM platform, employees can get snapshot views of any deal in the pipeline in just seconds. This centralized hub of information enables targeted marketing, customer history, notes about deals, and a lot more - all in the same place.

The business intelligence provided by CRM platforms, allows its users to gain eagle’s eye perspective on leads and deals right away. You get actionable intelligence on who is browsing your website and what products have called their attention. You can see what emails are being opened and which links are being clicked. You also get insights on their needs and the right time to make an upsell offer. A CRM platform stores the behavioral and social trends you need to better relate and foster relationships with your customers.

A solid CRM platform implemented the right way will pay for itself in a blink of an eye, because it will allow you to have your finger on the pulse of your company and it will draw a clear line on what is working and what isn’t to help you find and keep more satisfied customers.

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