Cloud Technology and CDOs on the Forefront of Digital Transformation

Cloud Technology and CDOs on
the Forefront of Digital Transformation

The way we engage with companies has drastically changed in the past two decades. Both customers and employees are looking for easy, individualized, and on-demand experiences that adapt according to their changing needs. This behavioral shift has forced companies to become focused on digitally transformative technologies in order to maintain competitive advantage.

High performing companies in the digital era are not risk averse — they actively test, adopt, and master new technologies as they surface. A Salesforce study pointed that high performing companies are 3.7X more likely than under performing businesses to say they are excellent or above average at staying in the forefront of technological trends. They are also over 4.2X more likely to say the same about implementing digital marketing and transformation strategies.

Businesses have shifted towards a more customer oriented mindset and this trend is being reflected in the investments made in the area, especially among high performers. Top companies are looking to fast-track their plans to meet the requirements of mobile and connected individuals.

Companies need to accelerate their investments to drive their business into the digital era. Embracing new technologies and providing appropriate personnel training are equally important to reach such goal. The chief digital officer (CDO) position has gained prominent space in many organizations. CDOs in their vast majority carry a marketing background, consumer knowledge, and are laser focused on digital trends. As both employees and customers expect friendly tech, the role of the CDO has become even more vital and businesses are taking notice. In fact, 60% of companies in the Salesforce study have a CDO.

The strengthening and increased reliability of cloud technology and emergence of customizable platforms are enabling successful digital transformations across different industries. Cloud technology is a business enabler — allowing for faster innovation — companies are making cloud migration a priority. Nearly two-thirds of businesses that use cloud based solutions rate their capacity to digitally scale as above average. Cloud technology allows companies to off-load data management and system development, so they can deliver higher-quality experiences as fast as individuals expect them.

No matter the industry, companies are looking for digital solutions to innovate as quickly and securely as possible. The end-user experience has become the catalyst for digital transformation and businesses are making the investment in cloud based solutions to help drive innovative experiences to their customers and employees alike.

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