Sabadell United Bank

United Bank

Sabadell United Bank Adopts A New Customer-oriented Approach.

Location: Miami, Fl
Company Size: 150 End Users
Industry: Financial Services
Competitor: Inhouse IT Department/FIS Core CRM
Solutions: Salesforce CRM, Development, System Integration

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Sabadell United Bank selects Axxis Solutions As Its Salesforce Partner.

Sabadell United Bank ( is a subsidiary of Banco Sabadell, Spain's fourth-largest banking group. Banco Sabadell has over US$230 billion in assets and is listed in Spain's blue-chip IBEX 35 index. It has one of the highest capital ratios among European banks and is renowned for excellence and innovation. Founded in 1881, Banco Sabadell currently has over 2,200 branches throughout Spain and a presence in 19 other countries, notably in the USA, China, India, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Since 1993, Sabadell has had a presence in Miami providing corporate and international private banking services to individuals and companies that operate in the US, Latin America and elsewhere.  Its US entity, Sabadell United Bank, has a proven track record in domestic commercial banking and wealth management.

Sabadell made six acquisitions in Florida, TransAtlantic Bank (2007), BBVA's private banking business in Miami (2008), Mellon United National Bank (2010), Lydian Private Bank (2011), CAM Miami (2012), and Lloyds Bank’s private banking business in Miami (2013); as a result, Sabadell's total business volume in the US amounts to approximately $12 billion dollars, making it one of the leading international banks in Florida.

Prior to 2013, Sabadell United Bank had been using the Salesforce CRM in different ways and to different extents across the institution. The bank wanted to identify and implement best practices from both within the bank and from the industry at large to ensure that we were getting the most out of the investment. To achieve this the bank selected Axxis Solutions as its Salesforce Consulting Partner.

The vision at the executive leadership level was to implement a best in class CRM program at the center of the organizations service and sales culture.

Breaking Down Operational Silos

The first challenge was that as a result of various acquisitions, its wealth management and banking divisions were using two different version of Salesforce.  Our wealth management division, Sabadell Bank & Trust, was using the Enterprise Edition. The bank's personal and commercial banking division, Sabadell United Bank, was using the Professional Edition. This meant complexity maintaining two separate data bases, product sets, and workflows. The second issue, but not less important, was that one division did not know with which prospects the other division was working, which hurt the organization's to effectively coordinate marketing and sales efforts.

Axxis Solutions came highly recommended from several sources.  The banks project team was very impressed with the experience in banking operations and deep understanding of how complex integrations projects like Sabadell's should be approached. Axxis took the time to understand our overall vision and specific project goals and ran the project from start to finish with impressive results.  

Sabadell Makes Tough Decisions - With a Vision

A few decisions needed to be made. Take the two instances of Salesforce CRM and create a new one? Or move A to B, or B to A? The Axxis team provided guidance through the pros and cons of each scenario and together with the bank's project team determined the best approach.  Axxis provided a turnkey service by handling everything from project management, to programming, execution, and quality control. Allowing the project team to focus our team on their day to day responsibilities.

We were very impressed when we met with the Axxis Solutions team. We chose them as our Salesforce consulting partner because of their expertise in our industry and their team's expertise in Salesforce CRM, which set them apart from other consulting agencies. They are true professionals that can contribute across the value chain – from architectural setup, project management, and programming", said Ernest Hartner, SVP of Strategy.

Sabadell’s Tangible Benefits

Since the completion of our project, from a management perspective, management now has full visibility across divisions to see results in terms of meeting the needs of our existing clients and new prospects. Additionally, the bank achieved the consistency in pipeline and deal reporting that it previously lacked. 

Increased Quality of Collaboration and Internal Communications

The leadership at Sabadell Unite Bank set the stage for greater, better and more efficient communication. The chatter feature and some of the workflows put front office staff in touch with the credit, investment and treasury management departments. It established a platform for greater collaboration with no technology limitations. Basic questions like “Who is working with which client?”, “What happens if someone from one division decides to prospect someone they heard of or met, and it turns out they are already our client?”, were now answered. 

Overall, the chatter function enabled teams who must work together to do so in an open collaborative space in a secure manner.  Associates no longer worry about whether everyone who is supposed to be part of an opportunity is being copied on an email chain which may include as many as 10 or more emails. The result? All that communication lives in one space. Even documents key to an opportunity can live in that same space.

Enabling Management With More Visibility and Accountability

The bank's workforce is held more accountable for serving clients and finding the solutions they need. Management has the ability to measure results and track the projects on which their direct reports are working.  Management can now answer all these questions and have full visibility into the processes taking place.

From the bottom up, the relationship managers know there’s more accountability and responsibility that comes from more direct visibility; in turn, Salesforce enables them to have a tool to organize their client service interactions.  

AXXIS as a Salesforce Partner For Banking Innovation

"We think of Axxis Solutions as a partner.  We have worked with other companies in the past, and the gap between their knowledge and services and those provided by Axxis is significant! It is great to work with true professionals who not only understand, but who also understand the financial services industry. Their knowledge and expertise are Axxis Solutions’ big differentiator," said Hartner.

Reporting and Analytics

Streamline data entry and reporting using custom Development and Salesforce Workflows.


Increase communication and workflow by Implementing Salesforce Chatter across front and back office.

Migration and Consolidation

Migrate and consolidate the SUB's multiple Salesforce instances into one "global" instance on Salesforce CRM Enterprise edition.  Leveraging the best practices from the two original instances and the market in general, while minimizing impact to front users.

Our Results

Increased efficiency in communication.  Unified work strategy.

Consistent efficient reporting.  Greater collaboration and sharing of business practices across divisions.

A unified system across all of Sabadell's divisions.  Full visibility of client relationships across divisions.

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