LUDECA manages marketing and sales to keep maintenance and reliability programs running smoothly.

LUDECA Aligns Marketing And Sales with Salesforce CRM.

Founded more than 35 years ago, LUDECA is the leading provider of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance Solutions, including laser alignment, ultrasound testing, vibration analysis, and balancing equipment in the reliability industry.

Their equipment and support are the industry benchmark that others measure themselves against. In 2015 they cemented their position within the industry as the foremost reliability solutions provider with the highest number of Certified Reliability Leaders in the United States. This Salesforce case study is about the company's implementation of its CRM platform.

Solid relationships are founded on collaboration and communication

Our relationship with LUDECA is symbolic of the partnerships we seek to create. We have complete open communication built on a desire to understand and implement best in class sales and marketing strategies that support the company's sales and service objectives.

LUDECA has been successful for decades and we understood from the beginning of the engagement that our goal was to add to that success. LUDECA’s sales force of corporate sales and marketing staff, as well as national sales representatives, had built up a strong framework of national, well-known clients mixed with strong regional customers.

Initially, we were contracted to solely implement Salesforce. As we gained insight into the organization's growth and efficiency goals, we were able to identify additional opportunities to improve inbound marketing, lead qualification and quoting. The latter being one of the biggest challenges due to the vast array of product configurations and accessories that Ludeca provides.

We had to think it through...carefully.

Faster quotes lead to happier customers

Although LUDECA has a long history of sales success, we discovered during our discovery workshops that the internal dynamics of the sales process and lead generation was not in line with their expectations and objectives of their customer journey. Client satisfaction is one of LUDECA’s most important goals; however, the process of purchasing equipment is complex and their selling process was not paying off on that goal.

AXXIS first worked to re-engineer the sales quote assembler which reduced proposal prep time significantly. To create a greater opportunity to nurture leads (warm, cold and dormant) AXXIS implemented an email marketing program that not only kept communication fluid but also supplied customers with important information both from a product as well as an educational standpoint. At the end of the engagement, the Salesforce implementation was infinitely more successful, profitable and well adopted because the data, database structure, and sales/marketing processes were rebuilt to be as efficient and deliberate as possible.

The fundamental question: What's the secret to success?

The key components of success on this engagement were agile collaboration and LUDECA's adoption of change.

With a tenured sales team and a low-tech way approach, we were not going to be able to help LUDECA if we couldn’t help with the Change Management to the new system. Implementing Salesforce and identifying opportunities for efficiency was only one part of the project. The other part was working internally to explain, educate and create buy-in to the new system and process of sales and marketing.

What we are most proud about in this engagement was that in the end, we were not only able to address the initial apprehension of implementing a new CRM and sales process but we were also and more importantly able to use it as an opportunity to build morale and create common sales goals amongst all of the stakeholders of the team.


“The Axxis Solutions team gets it. They understand business, technology, and practical implementation. They impressed us by getting the most out of our investment. We went into this thinking we had an implementation project and came out of it as a newly-minted, well-oiled sales machine.

Delivering estimates to our clients was reduced significantly, our knowledge of our customer became extremely detailed and our team was energized by AXXIS Change Management approach.

Simply put, they understood our culture and added to it to make it better.  We consider AXXIS a crucial component to the success of our business moving forward," said their VP of Sales.

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