FedNat Increases Employee Productivity And Sales Production With Centralized Policy Information.

Federated National increases employee productivity and sales production with Salesforce CRM.

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Federated National increases employee productivity and sales production with Salesforce CRM.

Headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, for over 25 years, FedNat provides quality insurance services to individuals and businesses. The company maintains a Financial Stability Rating® of “A” (Exceptional) by Demotech, Inc. and an “A+” by the Better Business Bureau. Receiving this recognition “nine-times-in-the-last-15-years” is no small feat; it’s a significant accomplishment! Indeed, Federated National has achieved the pinnacle of customer satisfaction and core business success.

What is Federated National’s secret? According to Annette Maleki, Marketing Director, the key is the company’s ability to focus on anticipating customer needs.
“What makes our service different isn’t just what we do, but how we do it.”

After the successful Salesforce implementation, Maleki stated:  "Our market leaders [now] offer expert advice to our agents, allowing them to [adapt] to the demanding needs of customers."

Numerous lines of business add complexity to customer relationships.

Federated National offers a broad portfolio of products (e.g., homeowners, condo, renters, flood, umbrella, general liability, inland marine, and worker’s compensations, as well as personal and automobile insurance) – all on a national scale. The company operates under two business units – Federated National (FedNat) and Monarch National.

Maleki continues to stress the importance of providing a flexible CRM platform, which incorporates the benefits and efficiency of automated services and provides access to experts, who assist customers and make firm strategic decisions. She states:  “Having so many lines of business made task management extremely difficult [and risked] impacting the core principle of the company: high quality and personalized customer service.”

Federated National selects AXXIS to stay one step ahead of customer needs.

The Sales Cloud implementation project — which included an additional data visualization layer offering, by MapAnything, was deployed, in two different phases.  Maleki announced: “We designed the data model to be implemented in Phase One; then, connected our core insurance systems, via custom API’s, into a unique instance, in Salesforce. The Second Phase implementation, of MapAnything, [allowed] our teams to run various heat maps of our producer and policy information.”

Now, with the power of the Salesforce platform, Federated National’s employees possess the necessary tools to extend customer relationships and identify financial opportunities across the various market and product lines. Additionally, Maleki states:  “Creating an integrating Salesforce project with our core insurance system means territory managers can utilize the platform to make better decisions on the move, which will enrich the [overall] customer experience.”

A single platform helps close information gaps to improve customer service.

Before the Salesforce implementation, FedNat’s agency associates were partnering to sell company products, overextended time-periods, which produced longer sales cycles. In addition to the longer turn-around times, partners were using three distinct system accounts, to onboard with FedNat.

The insurance company's field team representatives had accessibility challenges; specifically, utilizing the system was not available on a mobile device and yielded a disadvantageous workflow. During post-deployment, the team(s) became more productive and efficient, as well as partners can use one system; thus, allowing FedNat to have faster response turnaround times, in comparison to their competitors.

Federated National’s IT department had one clear goal:  To deliver a simple, easy to use platform, to its sales and marketing teams.

“The goal was to have one integrated solution that delivered critical information from all areas of the business. This would boost efficiency and effectiveness internally for employees, and externally to offer customers better service. In this way, [the company] is improving the service based on real-time data, analytics, and visualization…" – Annette Maleki

Also, the solution needed to align with Federated National’s strategic IT plan. Maleki noted, “It’s difficult to find one platform, on the market that meets all of these requirements.  Finding a Salesforce Partner to help us implement the platform, correctly, was equally important. Axxis’ expertise across insurance and banking [platforms], gave us the peace-of-mind that their team would assist us and maximize the value of Salesforce’s functionality.”

Federated National looks to extend their partnership with Axxis Solutions.

“Our experience with Axxis Solutions has been great, and we recognize the value their team has delivered on helping us implement our CRM platform successfully. We will continue to leverage their expertise as we continue to expand the use Salesforce.com across other business units.”


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