Best Practices In Sales Force Automation

Best Practices In
Sales Force Automation

Learn how Sales Force Automation increases sales and transforms the way people work.


Sales Force Automation, when done correctly, can transform the way people work. More specifically, it can change the way sales are performed in today's ever-evolving landscape. By using automating technologies sales teams are able to effectively reach more people, improve efficiency by streamlining processes and slowly chip away at the negative stereotype that surrounds sales professionals. However, when done wrong - automation can have the exact opposite effect.

As such, it is crucial for any sales teams considering automating their process to understand that the key to successful automation is to identify the right technologies and use them the right way.

Many of the most successful sales development representatives (SDR’s) are engaging in account-based sales and marketing, as opposed to dedicating their prospecting efforts at the contact level. Identifying and strategically prospecting and targeting high-value accounts requires very high attention to detail. SDR’s have to pay close attention to each individual account, identifying their needs and offering the appropriate solution. Sales teams are less likely to spam lots of clients and prospect them with the exact same message.


In order to successfully apply this model there is a lot of information that SDR’s need to know about their clients: where they stand in the market, what is happening internally with the client, is the client in the news and why, how are their relationships with their customers, competitors and vendors, the list goes on and on. Gathering this information is where SDR’s should be spending a good portion of their time. Understanding this means sales organizations can being identifying where and how automation can help support these behaviors. For example, allowing technology to “take care” of the busy work.

Today’s technologies can automatically alert SDRs, add crucial information to their schedules, and send out emails or texts at the perfect times to ensure customers are highly engaged ” said Andres Campo, CEO at Axxis Solutions.

Allowing sales reps to manage more clients and still give them adequate attention. Now, instead of managing 50 people in a workflow, SDR’s can potentially manage 500. Best in class sales automation software automatically shows them where things stand with each of them, what they’ve done and what they need to do next.

Automation can lead to vastly improved sales techniques and a higher conversion rate. In the past, sales operations teams were responsible for diagnosing the reason sales representatives were struggling was close to impossible. Automation has revolutionized that. Now, thanks to the tools available, sales managers have access to all kinds of data about who their teams are contacting, including the titles and roles of prospects. Sales managers can see how they’re reaching out and the time of the day they are doing so. Technologies also show us how well potential buyers are responding to different email subject lines and text.

All this information allows managers to give constructive criticism and improve the way they do business. Imagine if an SDR is making 100 calls a day but 80 of them were to the wrong person, how effective are they going to be?


While technology can genuinely help shape the way organizations do business, it is imperative to recognize that automation provides sales representatives a chance to amplify their own sales skills as human beings -- listening, showing empathy, building relationships, and finding solutions to clients’ problems. It helps SDR’s make sure that they’re only reaching out to clients with good, quality content at scale, the kind that is most likely to receive positive feedback from them.

When done correctly automation not only propels sales organization forward and sets them up for greater success; it also helps stop annoying and disrespecting potential buyers with unnecessary information and emails blasts. But most importantly it can help end the negative stereotype once and for all.


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