Best Digital Marketing Blogs of 2018

Best Digital Marketing
Blogs of 2018

Our in-house digital marketing experts to share their favorite blogs and online influencers.

Best Digital Marketing Blogs of 2018

Many of our clients often ask us what sources we use to stay relevant with the latest marketing and technology trends. So we asked our in-house digital marketing experts to share their favorite blogs and online influencers with you! Days go by quickly in the digital transformation industry. It is imperative to stay up-to-date as frequently as possible. And trust us, we know this world keeps gaining speed. More reason to be grateful for so many great sources of information that can be ingested in 15 minutes or less.

To all the tech bloggers out there…We thank you!

You and your team can be one blog post away from gaining useful advice, finding the right products, or even contacting us for your next project.


About: Destination CRM is the go-to source for all things CRM. The website provides a ridiculously comprehensive network of CRM companies that provide useful white papers and webinars. Readers also have the option to subscribe to a CRM magazine. We personally enjoy reading up on the latest leaders in the industry so that we can better recommend the right products and solutions to our clients.

Favorite Topic: Sales Automation

Last Read: The Must-Dos, and Must-Don’ts, of CRM Data Integration


About: A fan favorite in our offices is Digitalist Mag. The content is as useful as it is invigorating. More often than not, we find the writing sparks the innovative part of our brains. This is vital to our approach as consultants. We thirst for more than a quick solution. We want to make sure our clients are prepared for the future and this website reminds us to remain forward-thinking. We are certain it will do the same for you.

Favorite Topic: Machine Learning/AI

Last Read: The Humanity in the Machinen


About: Ben McCarthy is Salesforce Admin, Developer and Consultant that offers advice and tips for beginners and experts. Learning Salesforce can be daunting but the content of this site makes certain concepts easy to grasp. We all need a hand sometimes, and this site is definitely a good source for that.

Favorite Topic: Salesforce News

Last Read: Einstein for Pardot is Here!


About: Calling all Salesforce Admins! As a Salesforce Partner, we ask that all our onboarding Salesforce Admin team-members take some time out of their day to read up on topics like how to prepare for Salesforce Admin Certification or on success stories of those that found a career as an Admin. Our Managed Services requires that all our Admin-hopefuls be prepared for any and all business scenarios to better serve our clients. We all started somewhere and this site makes the journey a lot easier.

Favorite Topic: Custom Trailmixes

Last Read: Demystifying Salesforce Einstein


About: Sure, we’re a Shopify Partner, but that the real reason we added Shopify’s blog to the list is that they are simple and quick reads that pack a punch.E-commerce is booming and it is not letting up anytime soon. Why not go to the best e-commerce platform for advice on topics such as digital marketing, lead generation, and store optimization?

Favorite Topic: Store Design and Optimization

Last Read: 50+ Exceptional Online Stores Built on Shopify


About: Reddit is grossly underrated. Sure, it does not have the prettiest interface or much control as to what is posted in the discussion. However, the Digital Transformation discussion is a hidden gem for us. We recommend using the Compact View to scroll through the plethora of questions, short statements, quick links, and videos that subscribers post. Once something catches your eye, take the leap! Favorite Topic: Case Studies and new blog sites Last Read: Miscellaneous. We tend to click on links that take us to new blogs and resources that we have not encountered before.

Favorite Topic: Case studies and new blog sites

Last Read: Miscellaneous. We tend to click on links that take us to new blogs and resources that we have not encountered before.


About: We are Google junkies. The tools that Google provides are truly the standard for successful digital marketing efforts. Although not as robust with content as other sites, subscribing to Think has been a real eye-opener for us. Subscribe and read through the perspective of digital leaders in various business scenarios as well as tutorials for using Google’s many tools.

Favorite Topic: Omnichannel Trends

Last Read:Holiday shoppers are begging brands for help. Are you listening?


About: If you’ve yet to learn about inbound marketing and the benefits it provides when creating new business for your company, you may already be at the end of the pecking order. Luckily, Hubspot’s knowledge base has got you covered. We pride ourselves in providing lead generation solutions and we tend to follow Hubspot’s lead when it comes to best practices and trends.

Favorite Topic: Lead Generation



We are big fans of simplification. We suggest working with blogs that make it easier to comprehend the ever-changing digital transformation industry. Organization of posts, whether it be by category or via a search feature, is also important.

As you become more informed with the sources we have provided you, work your way to the more complex discussions to better understand the issues that may arise with implementing a digital transformation project for your business.

And, of course, if you have any immediate questions, reach out to us! We already did most of the reading for you *insert cool guy emoji here*.


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