9 Advantages of a Mobile Sales Team

9 Advantages of
a Mobile Sales Team

Today’s sales teams need to be performing at 100%. A mobile CRM Solution helps that happen. Here are 9 advantages a mobile sales team has over the competition:

1. Increase sales

A recent study by Innopple Technologies found that 65% of salespeople who work at companies that have adopted a mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas as opposed to only 22% of reps from companies that have not yet adopted a mobile CRM.

2. Shorten the sales cycle

Mobile technology allows sales teams to streamline once tedious and time consuming operations, which creates more time to focus on activities that move prospects through the sales funnel and create revenue.

3. Access Crucial Information

Whether you are looking for a refresher on your prospect’s most reent account activity or ourchase history, or are looking to arm yourself with all the latest product and pricing information, a mobile CRM platform can help you do it in the moment or even on site at your next meeting.

4. Become Ultra Responsive

Smartphones can help your sales team quickly respond to customer questions, provide immediate access to detailed customer data, and allow your mobile workforce to share pitch decks, check status updates, and close deals on the go.

5. Submit paperwork on the go

A mobile sales team is able to keep all their information organized and even submit deals on the go, as soon as they are agreed to by a customer.

6. Improve Insights

Mobile sales teams have robust profiles for all their prospects, compiled from dozens of sources, and distilled into one cohesive view of a prospect, with the information they need most front and center.

7. Streamline operations

A mobile CRM platform provides the right tools to accomplish all of a salesperson’s tasks in one place, making life just a little bit easier.

8. Access files on the go

Mobile CRM apps allow sales reps to have access to files and pitch decks on the go. Greater flexibility to tweak presentations while in the field means a more personalized experience for the prospect.

9. Increase productivity

Above all, a mobile sales team will find their daily functions easier to perform and with greater efficiency. Sales reps already have their phone in and out for hours each day. Putting CRM at their fingertips, in a way that matches the way they want to work, eliminates much of the friction and monotony in utilizing the most important CRM features.

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